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Have a STL file or model that you need printed? Or looking to have a concept designed and 3D printed?  You are in the right place, this is what I do.


Minimum Charge is $25.00

As each project is custom the price does vary depending on size and the complexity of the design.  It would be best to submit a quote so all the details can be reviewed.  Once I review I will then provide a quote with price & timing to complete.  In the quote I will provide direction on which pricing tier to checkout with. 


Review Process:

1 - You will submit a quote -Please provide image files, stamp or cutter, and size requirements thru the quote tab.
2- I will review the details and ask for clarification on any items needed
3- I will provide a quote that will break down pricing, timing, and direction on how to proceed.

4 - If you agree to quote please check out based on Pricing Tier provided


Design Process
1- Design the stamp/cutter
2- Review the design with you for your approval
3- 3D print the design
4- Send photos of finished product for approval
5- Ship out to you

Please use the "Submit for Quote" section below to start the process.

I have 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

Aviablible Printers:
FDM - Creality Ender 3 v2
Build volume: 220mm (8.66") x 220mm (8.66") x 250mm(9.84")

FDM- Creality Ender 3 S1
Build volume: 220mm (8.66") x 220mm (8.66") x 270mm(10.63")

SLA -Creality Halot One Plus

Build Volume: 172mm (6.77") x 102mm (4.02") x 160mm (6.30:)


SLA - Anycubic Photon Mono 4K
Build Volume: 132mm (5.20") x 80mm (3.14") x 165mm (6.50")


I will try to accommodate desired printing method but ultimately the design will dictate the best method.  This can be discussed during the quoting process.

Current Material offering:
PLA, PETG, TPU, & Resin

3D Printing Service - FDM or SLA - 3D printing & Design


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