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Bo Katan is the 1st figurine in the Star Wars Universe that I am releasing in my shop. She is featuring the Mythosaur signet on her armour.


Color Options:

Translucent Green


The gray color option makes a great display as is BUT ready to paint if you are wanting to. I would suggest hitting it with a primer coat 1st if you plan on painting.


-Size is approximately 6in tall x 2in wide.

-Material is an Eco Resin and has been fully cured.


Price: $20.00 includes shipping

Timing to ship: expect 1 to 2 weeks.


Any questions please drop me a message.


Keep checking back as I will be offering different poses along with painted versions.



3D model was created by Galactic Armory and I am licensed to print and sell.

Bo Katan - Pose1 - Mythosaur Signet w/base - Figurine


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