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Are you looking to make a personalized pottery piece then look no further! Thru the use of design software and 3D printers I can turn any logo, photo, or words into stamp or cutter. Simply send me the image file or let me know what you are wanting and I can design/print it.

Minimum Charge is $15.00 

As each cutter & stamp is a custom design the price does vary depending on size and the complexity of the design.  It would be best to submit a quote so all the details can be reviewed.  Once I review I will then provide a quote with price & timing to complete.  In the quote I will provide direction on which pricing tier to checkout with.


Below walks you thru my process:

Review Process:

1 - You will submit a quote -Please provide image files, stamp or cutter, and size requirements thru the quote tab.
2- I will review the details and ask for clarification on any items needed
3- I will provide a quote that will break down pricing, timing, and direction on how to proceed.

4 - If you agree to quote please check out based on Pricing Tier provided


Design Process
1- Design the stamp/cutter
2- Review the design with you for your approval
3- 3D print the design
4- Send photos of finished product for approval
5- Ship out to you


Please use the "Submit for Quote" section below to start the process.


I will try to accommodate desired printing method but ultimately the design will dictate the best method. This can be discussed during the quoting process.

Stamp are to be hand washed only.

I have 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

Please be mindful on the size requirements, the smaller the stamp the more difficult words will be to read. Currently I have been successful with 1.5in (38mm) signature stamps but all depends on the complexity of the design.

Custom Pottery Stamps and Cutters


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